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फॉर्च्यून सुंफ्लोवेर तेल टिन - 15 लीटर

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Key Highlights

  • Enriched with Vitamin A & D
  • High smoke point ensures less smoke and low evaporation keeps the kitchen clean and reduces topping up (refined oil saving)
  • Less thickening and blackening of oil during frying resulting in 21* times more reusability than other oils
  • The higher shelf life of fried products
  • Less polymerization reduces dark deposition on frying utensils

Fryola is an exceptionally long-life deep-frying oil. It preserves the taste of food without making it too sticky and retains Its color and freshness for a longer duration. It is specially created for hotels, restaurants, caterers, food vendors, etc. Fryola has the following variants of oil – Palmolein, Soyabean, Cottonseed & Sunflower

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