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Discover the fresh fruits, vegetables, meat, dairy, and food grains sourced directly from farmers and delivered to your kitchen with ‘Rozana’-India’s premier grocery online market that caters to fresh top-quality products, unadulterated ingredients, and gourmet kitchen staples! While we host the regular world-class products and brands in our online supermarket, we also have brands that are smart-agro companies as well as products with organic certifications. Thus,  bringing to you a bandwagon of superior quality produce straight from farms and warehouses to your home! You needn’t go anywhere else! Rozana strives to achieve a balance between the consumer, producer, and profits by bringing significant and dignified changes in the supply chain wherein we empower small and large scale farmers by providing them better access to online food shopping markets. We create supply chains that are fairer and help to improve farmers negotiating power enabling them to build direct business partnerships with us.


Our consumers have the opportunity to explore the best value for their money with exclusive offers and discounts through our online supermarket! The online supermarket of Rozana.in has a vast variety of different products ranging from produce to personal care utilities. The online shopping mart consists of nearly a thousand brands, this gives our customers the freedom to pick and choose, from the best deals, according to their needs. Hence, while shopping on Rozana you will never end up buying a product that does not satisfy your needs. We cover a vast range of categories such as vegetables, fruits, grocery & staple, breakfast & dairy, snacks & bakery, beverages, personal care, dry fruits, home care, energy & health, stationery, frozen, egg, meat & fish, etc. We pride ourselves in curating goods with very premium partners who try to ensure no added colours, or chemicals to your fruits and vegetables so that your food is free of pathogens and other contaminating agents. Moreover, grocery shopping online with Rozana means that you can access over 5000+ products ranging from artisan bakeries, organic shops, and delicatessens to daily grocery and staples, breakfast and dairy, personal care, basic medical needs, fresh fruits, vegetables, and a lot more from the comfort of your home. You don’t even need to worry about running out of food, household supplies as they are sourced directly to your home with our same-day online grocery delivery service. We specialise in personalized online delivery as per your requirement. Happiness home delivered!


Rozana.in has a far-reaching presence across various cities in India including, Delhi, Noida, Greater Noida, Lucknow, and Barabanki, and is looking forward to setting foot in many other cities like Bangalore, Gurugram, Hyderabad, and Chandigarh soon. Rozana.in focuses on Peer Commerce which looks at building exclusive partnerships with peers who wield community support (offline and online) to leverage the social network and the community for the expansion of the market. This unique blend of tech and synergy existing between the sellers and the agents has helped Rozana.in to build an ecosystem of sustainable growth. With the peer commerce model, as we call it, Rozana.in also looks at empowering its customers by giving them yet another means of saving money on their daily need products. It’s like earning money just by sticking to the usual routine of buying groceries through the online portal. Rozana is proud of the fact that in a way it enables housewives or caretakers of homes to generate an income by giving a chance to earn/save by just carrying out common responsibilities to run the house. Now you can sit back and earn at home while simultaneously fulfilling essential expenditures.


With express deliveries and safe-seamless transportation, we are your one-stop-shop for all needs big and small. Daily Happiness home-delivered.


Vision & Mission


Vision -We aim to become the largest peer social commerce grocery online supermarket delivery partner across India.


Mission- Rozana’s mission is to aggregate local farmers, producers, and manufacturers to provide them with a platform to sell directly to the consumers. No other platform allows the manufacturing and selling through the community at the moment, most apps and traditional tech start-ups have not been able to leverage the power of the community with tech.



Why shop with Rozana

  • There are countless reasons why you should shop your daily/monthly groceries and essentials through Rozana. Firstly, you get a chance to save money through amazing deals and offers at Rozana.in and with the introduction of the social commerce peer model, Rozana.in gives its shoppers a chance to earn money above the natural savings they make during the purchase.


  • Besides this, Rozana.in believes in quality product deliveries, be it groceries, fresh fruits & vegetables, cakes & bakery items, meat & seafood, we bring them fresh from the mandi to your doorstep. Rozana.in helps you save not only time from your busy schedule but also money through our peer social commerce model.


The Process

The products listed on Rozana.in are sourced directly from the suppliers without any interference of any middlemen. Eliminating the vendor or a third party makes our process seamless, bringing pocket-friendly solutions for your daily needs. We bring to you assured quality products hand-picked by trained delivery personnel. Moreover, we focus on ‘Quick Deliveries’ so you can receive goods at your convenience! The delivery time for any order does not exceed 24 hours.


Save Time, Bid goodbye to FOMO


For the GenZ tribe, time is extremely precious. It is never enough and saving some may help you invest yourself in other things. You may often find your friends, parents, siblings, or maybe even yourself cribbing about how there is always a scarcity of time for doing different things in life. Maybe saving a little extra time from our tight schedules could be converted into family time, or maybe to finally follow your hobby, or just relax. Be it a working professional or a housewife, we all have our fair share of everyday chores and duties that we need to fulfil. Rozana.in understands your troubles and is here to give you a chance to save some of your valuable time. Now you do not need to step out of your house to get basic necessities. We give you a fabulous experience of shopping online and saving your precious time and hard-earned money. Don’t worry, we understand your needs.


Fun facts about Rozana.in

The best part is that the products delivered through Rozana.in are 100% fresh, sanitized, and pure. Hyper-Local Sourcing is another key pillar of Rozana.in’s business model. We source products from a wide network of hyper-local B2B sellers rather than dealing directly with the brands. This allows us to operate an asset-light model by keeping minimal inventory at hand and not having to store products in a storehouse. There is no third-party seller involved in between which makes them more economical and budget-friendly. The involvement of fewer middlemen in the process makes things go more smoothly. Hence, the products remain fresh as they reach your homes. This gives substance to our motto “From kissan to kitchen”.


Acing deliveries

  • We emphasize quick deliveries, looking at delivering the desired products within 3 to 4 hours from when the order has been made. The maximum delivery time for a particular order is up to 24 hours.

  • Rozana.in is the first peer social commerce grocery online delivery partner that offers bifurcated delivery services according to the kind of product that has to be delivered. The delivery schedule has been designed in a way that proves to be most beneficial for our customers.

Our delivery timings range from 8 A.M to 8 P.M for groceries and other general items, but the timings for delivery of fruits and vegetables specifically ranges between 8 A.M to 10 A.M. The timing pattern might put you in a position where you get curious as to why there is an entirely different time bracket for fruits and vegetables or in other words for the produce category. The answer is very simple, Rozana.in stands by its precept of quality delivery and we all understand the fact that the best time to get hold of fresh fruits and vegetables from the market is during the early morning hours. Therefore, we source our produce directly from the morning mandi market of your city and bring home the best quality of fruits and vegetables possible, handpicked by our well-trained delivery personnel. We try to give you a customized online shopping experience so you will never have to compromise over quality or prices.  


Payments made easy at Rozana.in


  • The online delivery platform offers various payment mediums for the ease of its customers. For smooth payments without any hassle, we try to keep the different options. These include RazorPay, Paytm, UPI payments, Debit Card, Credit Card, Cash On Delivery.

  • Did you know that you can also use your Rozana wallet points to pay for your online order? 1 point is equivalent to One Rupee on the portal.